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    Subpar performance with 4 X25-V SSDs in a raid0. Consistant write speed tests of 40mb/s where as seen others running just two same drives with 140+mb/s.


      I have an Asus Rampage III Formula motherboard, i7-950, 4 X25-V 40GB SSD in a raid0 and roughly 740 power on counts and 2400 hours total on the 4 drives. Doing a read/write test I usually average a 490-570 read speed and a 40 write speed. Something has to be wrong here. My slave drive is a 750GB WD 7200RPM drive from 4-5 years ago and with 1300 power ons and 3600 hours reads at 90 and writes at 80.


      All reads mentioned are sequential. I can put the actual read/write tests later once I get home from work.



      How on earth could my HDD be faster than 4 SSD in a raid0?  Open to suggestion. I've tried multiple different drivers, seen increases that are minor of +/- 10. They are on the latest firmware per the intel toolbox. No issues found with any drives. All hooked up and running as 3gb/s connections, but no way that should cause this.


      They used to write much much much faster without any hardware changes. Computer is only powered on while in use, and powered off when not in use.


      Worst case I will just end up ordering new drives at some point soon and go that route, as I wouldn't mind the SSD part be larger and keep more of my games on there instead of on the slave drive.