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    No Display - Sony KDL32W5500 - Intel NUC d34010wyk


      Hello All,

      I have a new Intel NUC d34010wyk, updated with BIOS version 0035.

      It is not able to display output on my Sony KDL32W5500 via HDMI for Boot/Splash, BIOS, or installed OS (Openelec).

      The HDMI cable used is new and of good quality, no adapters.


      I know the Sony TV to be working via HDMI as I have multiple devices working with it (same socket): OUYA; PS3; Laptop with Intel/nVidia hybrid graphics.

      I know the NUC is generally working as I have been able to connect it to another TV (24", Kogan brand).


      I have attempted to correspond with Sony, but had no reply.

      I have corresponded with Intel email support, but am told 'it works with other TVs, it must be the TV at fault'. This may be, but  I can't seem to get them to venture any further into working the problem.


      I know the TV supports multiple resolutions, does anyone know what resolution and frequency the NUC BIOS uses?

      I read in these forums that other NUC BIOS have been set at 1024x768, but no mention of frequency.


      Re the OS not displaying, I know the Intel drivers used are older in Openelec than my laptop (also linux based, which works), so this may be part of the problem for the OS, but that is independent of the BIOS display.


      Thanks for reading!