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    Matlab support for Galileo


      Hi, I'm trying to make Galileo Gen 2 to work with Matlab. I've found the link to Matlab support for Arduino but I'm not sure how to do it with Galileo. Here is my code in Matlab:



      for i = 1:10

          writeDigitalPin(a, 'D13', 0);


          writeDigitalPin(a, 'D13', 1);




      It says:

      No Arduino hardware is found on port COM8. If using an official Arduino board, make sure it is plugged in. Otherwise, please specify both port and board type. For more information, see this user's guide for additional troubleshooting steps.

      I'm sure I specify the correct port. I guess I need to specify the board type but I don't know the type of Galileo. Anyone can help me with this?