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    ProSET Wireless: Can I make roaming even more aggressive?


      I've got a number of laptop computers with the Intel 4965AG WiFi interfaces that are carried in and out of a building that has both an internal WiFi network and an outdoor WiFi network.


      I've set up two different profiles, one for internal and one for outside, and have set the "Roaming Aggressiveness" adapter's advanced parameter within both profiles to the maximum, but still the laptops are reluctant to roam to the more stronger and faster access points when they are moved from inside to outside. For example if the laptop is booted up and running on the internal network and you carry it outside, it will continue to hang onto the internal SSID even when the signal strength drops down to almost nothing and barely any packets will flow at all, even though the laptop is moved right underneath an external access point and would have a full five bars of signal strength  and 54Mbps if it would hurry up and drop the internal AP and switch over to the external AP. If you let the laptop sit idle, it will eventually in several minutes time finally make the switch, but that is not nearly aggressive enough.


      I would like it to begin the switchover in a matter of a few seconds, not force the user to have to suffer for several minutes waiting.


      Is there some further tuning parameters, perhaps Windows registry keys or something, that will help the roaming from one network to another one happen more quickly?


      I am using the latest version 12.4.x.x wifi drivers and ProSET software downloaded from Intel's website.


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