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    Need help on porting tpm_i2c_atmel to Yocto for Quark


      I need to make my Atmel TPM working on Yocto for Quark.

      I have the driver source code (tpm_i2c_atmel.c) but it's for kernel 3.4 and 3.14, not for 3.8. Therefore, I need to do the porting job.


      I tested another Linux distro (kernel 3.4) on the same board (with Atmel TPM) and the driver works normally.

      But when I tried the driver on Yocto (with some minor modification, of course), I don't know why the driver can't print out any debug message.

      It seems that the i2c probe function was not called at all.

      I also tried a simple driver (tpm_kevin.c attached) to try printing out some message but no success.

      Without debugging capability, I hardly can do anything now.

      Could you please give me any hints to start working on this porting job?

      If you need extra information, just let me know.