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    DQ45CB Motherboard Problems


      Hi there, I have a problem with this board since i changed settings in the BIOS of this board. What happens is when i turn the computer on the red amt light comes on, fans spin then AMT light goes off then the computer.

      It stays on for about 3 secs. Can you help me.


      I Have already tried:

      - Changing CPU

      - Changing RAM

      - Taking CMOS battery out (For 5 Hours)

      - Changing Power supply

      - An taking out most of the components( When i take out the 4 pin power the board works, but i know it won't boot) (also when the ram is taken out it works normally and beeps)


      System Specs:

      - Core 2 Duo E6300

      - 2 GB (was 4)

      - 500W power supply

      - Nvidia Quadro FX3800

      - 1TB HD

      - Windows 8.1