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    Triple monitors not working with Intel HD 4000 on Zenbook UX31E




      Appreciate if someone can advise me on below.


      I have Asus Zenbook UX31E with Intel HD 4000 and am trying to connect two external displays in addition to the built in monitor.


      First monitor is connected through VGA (mini-VGA but that doesn't change anything), second external monitor is connected through micro-HDMI, my built-in display is EDP (embedded display port).


      Therefore as far as I understand from Intel support page:


      in most cases, three independent displays are supported in the following configurations: 

      • If two of the displays are DisplayPort monitors
      • If one of the displays is an Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi)
      • If the built-in display is an Embedded DisplayPort (eDP)


      so that I satisfy conditions for the third case, but still i can not extend my desktop to two external displays (although I can see them in drop-down list).


      Thank you