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    NUC5I3RYH - Return for a NUC5I5RYH?


      Hey everyone,


      I was able to get the NUC5I3RYH for $285 delivered, however I'm having a little buyer's remorse.  I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck while at the same time use small efficient hardware. I'm going to be using my existing Intel 330 120GB SSD with Windows 7. I already have a Dell U2415H w/ AC511 soundbar on order and have the two 4GB KVR16LS11/4 in my possession.  The usage will be MS Office (Excel, Word, Access), accounting software (Quickbooks, MS Money), and some web browsing.


      In your opinion, is it worth paying the extra $100 for the Broadwell i5 NUC, given my usage scenario? Or will the performance difference be unnoticeable? It sounds like browsers, and software in general, will start to leverage the GPU more and more, so that makes me feel better. 

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          I would say for your use-case it's absolutely not worth the extra. I have the NUC5i3RYK and it's plenty fast for everything I need it for (1080p video and live HD TV watching and recording barely even put a bump in it). I'm never going to play games on this one, but to be honest  I wouldn't with any of this fifth generation dual core boards. Fast & plentiful RAM and SSD really make more of a difference in day to day usage. I mean, it boots Win 8.1 from cold in 6 seconds - how much quicker does it it need to be? And I have to try really hard to get even close to using all 8GB of RAM.


          My advice would be to stick with what you have for a year, and if at the end of that it's notceably slowing you down any to the point of annoyance, then upgrade ... to Skylake

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            Your current configuration is more than enough for Office use.

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              Thanks to everyone for their reassurance .

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                I wanted to come back and share my hardware installation and performance feedback.


                The hardware installation was pretty simple, however I have to say my 2.5" Intel 330 SSD *barely* fit in the bay.  In fact, I had to bend the clip that holds the SATA wires in place to get the drive installed.  The software side was a little more problematic, but it appears it has nothing to do with the NUC.


                The SSD was from a Lenovo T400.  I did not want to go through the hassle of a reinstallation, so I figured I'd give the Sysprep option a shot.  I ran Sysprep (OOBE, Generalized, Shutdown).  Everything appeared to be in order.  However, Windows 7 refused to boot after moving the hardware to the NUC.  I tried the various Safe Mode options, but the result was the same - Registry appears to be missing or corrupt and a Repair installation will be necessary.  After some trial and error with my Windows 7 Upgrade DVDs, I get a pop-up telling me there appears to be a problem with the boot loader.  The message says Windows can fix the error, so I gladly click OK.  After that, I install the drivers and all data and programs are retained from the installation on my T400. 


                I'm very happy with the performance!  Thanks again!