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    System Health:  Degraded - Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-E


      After initial install the system was running and was operational for a week or so. We transferred about 3GB of data on 4 disk array that are installed in our Storage System SS4200-E.


      However, after that amber lights started to flash. I went to the Storage manager and wizard poped up, saying that the System cannot be found. I folowed the steps, setting up IP, username and other prefs just like the first time when I installed the system. From there on it went rebuilding the array.


      My first question: I didn't react at the time, but looking back I believe that these steps mean that all my data is lost?


      The System never really finished rebuilding. At some point it dropped back to 0% and started from scratch. Now, every time a log in Storage manager there is a warning in the Dashboard that System Health is Degraded:


      "Data will be unavailable until the file system has been prepared. The file system preparation is 0% complete."


      My second question is, what can I do to get my data back? Should I wait for the System to eventually finish rebuilding, should I pull out the discs and try some recovery methods in a PC or something else?


      Some info on the current state:


      1. I can ping and access the device in Web Admin only (Storage manager) - I use Intel Entry Storage System on Mac
      2. I haven't pulled out the disc so far
      3. I didn't have any scheduled jobs on the device at any time
      4. I don't have configuration backup
      5. The system is connected to router only, no USB devices attached
      6. This is my first inquiry about the matter to Inter support
      7. Current status of LEDs: 4 lit amber non flashing / at boot there are 4 blue but they turn to amber right away


      I realize that my type of discs were not tested by the Intel, but since they are standard 1GB discs I didn't pay attention about that at the time. (taken from ss4200e_thol_14.pdf)


      Disk 1 (ST31000528AS)931 GB
      Disk 2 (ST31000528AS)931 GB
      Disk 3 (ST31000528AS)931 GB
      Disk 4 (ST31000528AS)931 GB


      Data Protection: Parity External Disks: None Connected, Always on




      Thanks for the answer!