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    I have intel galileo gen 2 with tps62130 defect


      Galileo Gen 2 Power IC Damaged(Power on Galileo Gen2 by 5V external supply)


      My defect. is egual before link. But I don't no how to do to a palliative solution...


      I don't have the proof of purchase of my board. I bought without that. ** When I put power supply 12v and 1a the leds On and OFF in less than one second. After, the tps62130 drop alittle smoke.I


      take shot power supply.


      **  everytime this is egual


      No response from the board when connected with the proper power supply. I got this card with this defect. Now when I use power supply with 7v and 2a or 12v and 2a have defect like this (https://communities.intel.com/thread/54706). i bought this product :http://www.semiconductorstore.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=47330 but do not know about welding. BUT about this link the correct product is ag9712BR or FL (http://www.silvertel.com/34-product-news/333-intel-specifies-silvertel-poe-for-galileo-gen2.html).  My question is: If tps62130 is defect, I don't have conversor 12v to 5v automatic, correct ?? Thus the correct product is ag9705BR ??