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    NUC, WIDI as the only display, wireless control


      Hello everyone,


      I have some questions about NUC, WIDI and wireless control.


      1.. Are there any NUCs with replacable processors, if not currently then maybe in the near future?


      2. As far as I know all NUCs have mobile processors due to TDP and power consumptions, are there any with desktop cpus? Probably not but what about in the near future? Are we going to see real little monsters?


      3. Assume that I bought one and connected it to the monitor. By the help of WIDI, transfered the view to a second monitor in the adjacent door.(it's possible, right?)

      How can i control the NUC from that room, any wireless keyboard with mousepad will work or not? Any cheap solution?, So no RF keyboard suggestions or extention cables etc.


      4. OK this one is interesting. Yesterday I read something about fooling the NUC with a HDMI display emulator that enables us to use the master monitor wirelessly by the help of WIDI, so no monitor is connected to the NUC physically, definately cool stuff..


      The Intel NUC: Widi as your only display


      Is there any other way to do this on windows 8.1 or 10?


      Is it possible to do this with a desktop with WIDIed cpu? I mean, with just one monitor entirely via WIDI?


      If so, can i leave the desktop case somewhere in the house and put the (only) widi compatible monitor in an other room or the adjacent one and control everything from there?

      If this kind of widi connection is doable, then I'm wondering if it's possible to do something similar with gpu card with a intel wireless adapter?


      Well that's all, thanks for reading.