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    Overheating i7 - 4790k!!!!


      I own an i7 -4790k with a reference cooler. On idle, the CPU ranges 39C to 45C and in load it goes to about 95C and starts to throttle.

      I have tried everything in this article:

      Troubleshooting Intel® Core™ i7-4790K / i5-4690K overheating


      including downclocking, undervolting, restricting max power/current etc. but nothing helps the peak temperature fall.


      The fan is constantly quite loud, louder than my old i7 2700 and I have never even overclocked this card. Everything at stock!


      I have tried updating my BIOS. ( I own a ASRock Z97M Anniversary - v1.40) ...nothing.

      I know somebody might say, buy a better cooler. But to be honest, this was one expensive processor. You can't hand
      someone a TV with a defective remote and say deal with it, or buy a new one. What is the point in owning this processor,

      if I can't even get what is promised (4.2 gHz) out of it? Literally, after 5 minutes of load, it down clocks itself. The rest of the PC
      isn't even that warm.

      This really is getting on my nerves.

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          Hello Gaganjit1, thanks for joining the Intel community

          If your processor has reached such high temperatures, this means that could be a hardware problem, BIOS issue or even improper installation of the heatsink.

          At this point, I recommend checking some tips about processor overheating at this URL: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-029427.htm

          Please check the attached pictures #1. It shows settings that worked well on several motherboards that we used to replicate this issue.

          4790ksettings overheating1.jpg

          We corrected the Core Voltage, Core Voltage Offset, Turbo Boost Power Max, Turbo Boost Short Power Max, and Processor Current Limits and completed a 30 minute XTU stress test with a maximum temperature of 74.1°C.

          These settings worked on processors from different batches and on motherboards from different manufacturers.

          Some important notes:

            1. The settings available in XTU are dependent on what your systems BIOS exposes to the tool.  The settings available may be different on your system.

            2. The voltage, power and current settings that will work for you may vary.

          The Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) was used to monitor the wattage while performing the stress test.

          You may need to turn ON the Wattage monitor by clicking the wrench icon just right of the graph section (see screenshot 2).

          Picture 2.

          4790ksettings overheating2.jpg

          You may want to review this thread also:  How best proceed with overheating i7-4790K?


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            I just tried the settings you got using my stock cooler with a 5 minute stress test, couldn't even last that.... Here are my results.


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              Hi Gaganjit1,


              Thanks for the information.


              In looking at the picture you provided, it looks like your Processor Frequency is pretty steady at around 4.2GHz.  That's what I would expect during the test since all 4 cores are active.  You mention throttling.  Does the Frequency go below 4.2GHz in your test?


              Your temperatures do seem quite high given the voltage settings.


              What temperature do you see if you just go into BIOS?  I would expect it to be in the high 20's or low 30's.  If it's higher than that then you may want to check the Fan/Heatsink to make sure it is making good contact with the CPU and that all 4 pins are pushed all the way down.


              What memory are you using?  Please let me know what Frequency and Voltage is reported for the memory in your BIOS (it is reported on right side in the Hardware Monitor section).


              For reference, I did some testing with an Asus Z97-A using the same settings that you are using and I could run at 4.38 GHz with all 4 cores active with the stock heatsink.


              One major difference in what you are seeing vs. what I am seeing is the CPU Total TDP.  Mine stays around 80W but yours is up at 87W.


              It might help us figure out what is going if you turned on the Current Limit Throttling and Power Limit Throttling report (use the small wrench icon under the Save button).


              Lastly, I've had pretty good luck using the Asus EZ-Tuning Wizard in the BIOS (F11 on my system).   Try that and let us know the results.  I chose the Gaming mode and Stock cooler options in the Wizard.

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                Hi Ken,

                The CPU does throttle itself... This was a 5 minute test. If I run a 10 minute test, it throttles down to about 3.8gHz. My Power hovered around 83-87 W. My RAM is Samsung DDR3 1333 10 GB total. I will try your settings and report later today if an difference occurs.


                I would really appreciate if somebody could report their results from using the Z97M Anniversary + i7 4790k. I've tried my CPU on 3 different Z97 M Anniversary boards with overheating on all.

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                  Well, I tried following the advice,
                  went to the BIOS :


                  After several minutes:


                  My Motherboard reports low temperatures, the CPU is blasting high.




                  I have an ASRock Motherboard not ASUS, so I cannot try the EZ tuning part you mentioned.

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                    Thanks for the info.


                    I apologize for getting the brand wrong.  I saw Z97M and assumed it was ASUS.


                    Was the fan seated securely?  No wiggle or wobble?


                    Does your BIOS report the memory voltage, or do you know if it's 1.5v or 1.65v?  It looks like you can get this info with ASRock's 'A Tuning' utility.

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                      My fan is seated properly, I've seated it many times and verified. No wiggle.


                      Memory voltge = 1.5 V

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                        I decided to do another 5 minute stress test, same settings. (ASRock Tuning Utitlity on the left and I included Current throttling in graph)


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                          UPDATE: I was issued another working i7 4790k to test on this computer by Intel... However, it has been facing the same issue!!! I am really stumped at this point!?!?! Something tells me the ASRock Z97M falsely advertises compatibility with i7 4790k ( i can confirm i dont have a defective board, since ive RMA'd twice with the same issue on all), however, I do not know of anybody else with the same combo (ASRock + Z97M Anniversary) to make this conclusion.


                          I Really Need Help At This Point!

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                            Hello gaganjit1,


                            Were you able to resolve this issue?

                            There are multiple community threats available on this website with possible solutions or recommendations to alleviate this issue.

                            For instance:

                            1. Troubleshooting Intel® Core™ i7-4790K / i5-4690K overheating
                            2. How best proceed with overheating i7-4790K?


                            Please check on those links if you are still dealing with this situation.




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                              Installation of a new fan, CPU, and motherboard fixed the issue.