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    New release of ubilinux (Debian) now available on EmutexLabs


      Hi all,

         There’a now a new release of ubilinux available from EmutexLabs. Here’s the link:



      Newly added are Bluez 5.28, MRAA library, CRDA, cmake, git, etc. It’s meant to give a much quicker get-up-and-running experience than the previous release for makers and hackers. For example, once you boot up with the new ubilinux, the mraa examples work out of the box with both python AND nodejs. Also, you can ‘apt-get install opencv’ and, with very little effort, you can use popular webcams for image processing.


      Please, don’t hesitate to give the Emutex team feedback, we’re always working hard to improve the experience.



      Dave @ Emutex.