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    analog read time for intel galileo gen2




      my name is Augusto, I'm a electronic engineer student and researcher. For the project our group are developing at present, we needed a board with powerful processor capabitlity and ease of use, so we picked up Intel Galileo Gen2.


      In this project we need to make analog read in the electric grid signal (220V RMS 60 Hz) in a frequency of, at least, 128 samples/cycle, which means about 7680 samples/second. The time for each sample is, approximately, 130 us.


      We though that the intel galileo would handle this easily, but with the tests we have done with the aio function from the mraa library and the time.h C library in eclipse IDE, we getting sampling times not better than 2 ms.


      Looking at some topics in the forum, we saw that was possible to walkaround it making some changes in SPI libraries and things like that, not very simple stuff.


      But the true question is, even with the powerful x1000 quark processor, that is the real capability of intel galileo board, relative to analog conversion/reading?


      Can someone explain me how this scenario of tha galileo world really works?


      Thank you in advance!