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    Fan speed always at 3100rpm normal?


      I've just received my NUC515RYH and am so far very happy with it. I've installed a Samsung 840 Pro SSD and 16Gb of RAM, installed windows 8.1 and it's lovely and quick.


      However I'm a little concerned with the fan noise, even when idling the fan is running constantly at 3100rpm, I've tried both balanced and quite profiles in the BIOS.


      Is this normal? I expected the fans to slow down when the CPU was idling, I have the NUC in my bedroom and it's very noticeable at night when I'm trying to sleep.


      My old dell laptop which this has replaced used to quieter when idling and the fans even switched off completely if I had left it for a few hours.


      Any help much appreciated.



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          Yeah, I don't know why they set it so high by default. It's just too whiny and high-pitched for this type of under-the-TV use at that level.


          The setting you need to tweak in BIOS is the % Duty Cycle. Cryptic, I know, but this is what controls the minimum fan speed. Set it down to 20% from the default 40% (and then reboot). It will then run about 1800 RPM or so avg, and anything under 2000 RPM is virtually silent unless you have your ear right up against it.


          You do so at your own risk of course. But my CPUs run at a steady 40C avg at 20% duty cycle, which is just fine IMHO.

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            I can try that, I just didn't want to mess with the defaults and end up burning my CPU out.


            I'll have to keep an eye on CPU temp, currently running around 40-42C right now.


            I just thought this was a little high as you say for something so small and power efficient.