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    intel Motherboard DH67BL(B3) and Usb 3.0 issue?


      Sorry if I am bringing this up again , I have read through some of the previous posts where I got ideas of the troubleshooting steps below. I have a DH67BL motherboard and I plugged in a new Sandisk thumbdrive rated for USB 3 speeds. Whenever I try and move data from hard drive TO the thumbdrive (blue plugs) I am getting benchmark speeds between 2-6MB/Second. ?  So, I upgraded the Bios to 86A.0160 (latest one I believe) to rule that out, did not work, same speeds. Then I uninstalled the Renesas host controller and root hub driver and reinstalled, still same slow speeds. when I plug in thumbdrive to a 2.0 port I get 6-7mb/sec speeds. I tested the thumbdrive on my laptop at work with 3.0 speeds and it works great getting over 100mb/sec speeds.....  I am running Windows 7 x64 on i3 intel processor 16gb ram, love the motherboard otherwise. Does anyone have any suggestions of something I may have missed? at the point of buying a usb 3 controller card and calling it a day....