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    HD 4600 VGA output Question


      I have a pair of Lenovos with the 4600 chips in them. I run these in tandem, using an external monitor through a VGA A/B switch for comparisons. When switching between the two machines the display resets itself and the LCD flashes and the VGA ports shut off and on respectively. This results in a 2 to 3 second lag time sending outputs to the monitor while the chips turn on the ports and turn off the ports. Is there a way for me to stop this and just enable the VGA ports at all times, regardless of the impedance on the ports, to make a smoother switch between machines when doing my side by side comparisons? Thanks

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          I am afraid the graphics control panel does not offer any option to customized this a feature.

          Have you tested without switch adapters? It seems this lag issue is caused by the A/B switch.



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            Hi Allen, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I have several other machines I use in this fashion with a Kramer VGA switcher. http://www.kramerelectronics.com/products/model.asp?pid=210 These machines with an ATI or InVidia chips in them work as I've described for several years, but those machines are getting a little long in the tooth and was hoping to replace them with a machine that's more current. It would seem the lenovos with the 4600 chip is not the choice for me then. Do you have any chips that you would recommend that will not shut off, once they are enabled, should they lose the impedance load provided by an external monitor? Thanks again.

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              The use of a converter/adapter/ switches may prevent the Intel® Graphics Controller from working correctly, a video cable with the same connector on both ends of the cable is recommended.



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                Hi Gary


                VGA on the Intel HD 4600 (Haswell) systems is converted from the digital video port to the analog VGA. Haswell does not have native analog (VGA) output however, some OEM's add the conversion for VGA from the digital. The delay you are seeing is do to the switching needed to convert the digital to analog output. Third party discrete graphics adapters likely have native analog VGA ports that are always active.