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    Grub Boot Loader problems in Intel DG43NB motherboard.


      Hi everybody.

      I bought a DG43NB motherboard few months ago (bios 0054 preloaded). I had to upgrade the bios due to some USB keyboard and fan issues (0054 to 0069) after this upgrade i was not able to use Grub boot loader on my pc. Whenever i started Ubuntu 8.10 i got a Blinking cursor (_) no no hdd load. after that i had to install XP and even tried reinstalling Ubuntu thruogh Wubi and many other ways.no luck. Even Vista bootloader and activator uses grub so iwas not able to use vista or 7. i am tierd of trying different experiments with this board but i still get a blinking cursor. do any body face any simillar problem or know abput this isuue. i would be very gratefull. (note :- dont tell me to downgrade bios i have done all that an bios below 0060 dont work properly on my pc)


      My config:- Coe 2 quad q6600 (slacr)

      4 gb ram ddr2 , 500 gb hdd(Sata ;- st3500320as), nvidia 9600gtOC, and a dvd writer.