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    dh87mc restart with no screen


      dear all

      i have a dh87mc with 8gb kingston "kvr16n11/8" 1.5v x2

      cpu : i7-4790 3.60ghz

      ssd : Transcend ssd370 250gb

      PSU : 400W


      i work as an IT manager in a small company for 12 years now , i have tried everything possible , from the top to the bottom :

      - reinstalling different types of cpu's ( Same thing )

      -decreasing ram and changing ram manufactuers ( same thing )

      -unplugging everything and replug it back ( same thing )

      -remove bios batter , resetting bios , enetering the bios from the power button (same thing)

      -installing an hdd 500 gg , kingston , hsdt , seagate ... etc (same thing)

      -updating the bios (same thing)


      so what are my options now i have an unsatisfied customer and a headache ... i am considering to replace the product ... what do you guys suggest ?


      PS : even from bios when i save something and restart ... it restarts with a black screen ... under windows 7,8 and 8.1 same thing each time the thing restart i have to turn it off and turn it back on ... i even tried to convince the customer not to turn it off the answer was a bit ugly ... anyhow ... waiting for you guys to reply


      thank you in advance ...