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    can't get triple 3 three monitors to work on g87790-402 nuc board! 1600 x 900 resolution any suggestions?


      hardware is as follows

      three dell e2014 touch screen monitors

      #1 mini display port to hdmi port #1 cable

      #2 mini display port to hdmi port #2 cable

      #3 hdmi port to hdmi port #2 cable


      one nuc g87790-402 board that has the two mini DP and one HDMI cable port on the board.


      I can get any two monitors to work at once, but NEVER all three.

      when I go under windows 7 display settings and try to apply extend desktop to monitor #3 I get the error message that I can't save display settings.


      when I look at device manager I notice something wierd

      it lists the following

      dell e2014t hdmi #1

      dell e2014t hdmi #2

      dell e2014t hdmi #2


      It appears that the driver can't differentiate between the two monitors becuase they are using the same input port?

      fortunately this monitor also has a vga and full size display port jack on back.

      I'm going to buy a display port cable and see if that solves the situation,


      but I wanted to ask here first and see if anyone has successfully done 3 monitors?


      there are only two threads on this and both have failed it appears.