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    Driver won't update


      I am trying to download Autodesk Mudbox 2015 but keep getting an error message that says "Mudbox does not run on early generations of Intel HD Graphics."


      So I then downloaded Intel Driver Update Utility. It detected that I did need an update for "Intel Chipset Device Software".

      I download and install, and the dialog box says the installation is successful. BUT as soon as I close the box, the "Status" on the original box changes from "Installing" to "Failed". Then there is no record of a download or install at the top of the box, even though I now have 10 copies in my Downloads folder.

      I'm including snapshots below.


      Download that the utility says my system needs:


      Dialog box that says it was successfully updated:


      Original box that then says "Failed", has no record on the top bar of a download or install:


      I hope I'm not missing something really stupid here. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.