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    BLE stability on edison?


      I am doing a project to connect edison as BLE central device to peripherals using nRF51822. Peripheral is streaming some data to central device. Goes fine for a while and after that Edison bluetooth goes in a state where it become unpredictable. I used both gatttool and noble.js to test..


      I get the following errors when i use gatttool..

      gatttool -b C8:AA:87:A8:E2:07 -t random --char-write-req -a 0x000f -n 0100 --listen

      output -

      sometimes i get the following error -

      Characteristic Write Request failed: Internal application error: I/O

      sometimes it get stuck after the following message -

      Characteristic value was written successfully

      noble.js also has similar issue..

      I will have to reboot edison to make it work again (for sometime only).

      I am using a simple HeartRate example that simulates some data streaming.. Nothing complicated..

      Anybody had similar issue? Do i have to upgrade the stack or something? i am using the latest yocto image..