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    4 1080p Monitors off of 1 NUC. MST DP1.2 x3 + HDMI x1 --- Is it possible?


      Hello, my company is looking to create a NOC solution using 2x intel NUCs to power 8x 1080p monitors.


      The model we are looking at is:

      Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK

      However if there is another model which supports HD5000 and Vpro that would be preferable.


      What I am unsure on is whether we can run 3x monitors over an MST hub and then 1x monitor over HDMI? with intel HD5000 on the NUC
      I cant find a solid answer for this online, would anyone be able to confirm or advise. I know 3 monitors is possible.


      If this is not possible, would anyone offer a solution?