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    Matrix Sorage Console (no actions available)


      A hard drive died in my Dell XPS 9000 and wouldn't boot afterwards.  I replaced both Seagate Barracuda 7200 750 GB SATA II drives with two Western Digital 1500 HLFS VelociRaptor 150 GB SATA II drives.  I went to the Dell site and downloaded the necessary drives to reinstall the Intel Matrix Storage Console V  The BIOS has always been set to AHCI.  My computer has a ICH10R I/O controller hub and the driver is listed as iaStor.sys which I believe is the AHCI driver. 


      Before the computer crashed the drives were configured as RAID 1 and I could see the volumes/array etc. in the Matrix Storage Console.  Now when I go into the Matrix Storage Console to try and recreate a similar set up  advanced mode shows my hard drives but there are no options to set anything up.  The only Action is "Rescan for plug & play devices".   What am I missing?   Thank you for any help you can provide.


      I've attached screen shots of the basic and advanced screens.

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          Check for AHCI or RAID option at BIOS level. You will not have any RAID option on the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager software if RAID is not enabled.

          Changes from AHCI to RAID will require windows to be re installed.



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            Thanks Allan.


            What I'm confused about is that I didn’t change the BIOS from AHCI between the time the computer crashed and I reinstalled Windows 7 with new hard drives.  It has always been AHCI.  Maybe I’m using the wrong term (RAID 1) but the Matrix Manger software was doing some sort of mirroring.  Twice the disks got out of sink and I had to run a process in the Matrix Manager app to resync them.  I'll give doing a fresh install with RAID selected in the BIOS.  My understanding is that once you install as RAID you can't switch back to AHCI though.  Do you know if that is correct?  Thanks again.

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              Update -> I ended up changing my BIOS from AHCI to RAID and created a new RAID volume for RAID 1.  I then reinstalled Windows 7.  After the installation I reinstalled the Intel Matrix Storage Console and it looks the way it should (the way it did before my crash).  It now shows my RAID volume and I have options to create new volumes under the Actions menu item.

              I swear this was all done under AHCI previously (how I received the computer from Dell).  When I received the computer from Dell Device Manage listed:

              Disk drives -> ARRAY0

              IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller

              Storage controllers -> JMicron JMB36X Controller


              After I changed the BIOS to RAID and reinstalled (now):

              Disk drives -> Volume0

              IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers - > ATA Channel 0 & ATA Channel 1, Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

              Storage controllers -> Intel ICH8/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller


              Maybe this way will work out better.  After all my computer totally died when one drive failed which mirroring should have prevented.