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    ICH-9 RAID-5 array - is it "portable"?


      I have an ASUS board with Intel P35 chipset (Asus P5K64WS).


      I want to create a medium sized RAID-5 with 4 1.5 TB hard drives.


      Since the ICH9 does not support online capacity expansion or multiple LUN per drive I'm also condering a HW raid card like the 3-Ware 9690.


      But I've heard that motherboard raid isn't compatible with real raid cards like a 9690 for example.


      If I build my array now with the low cost option of using the chipset on the board I already have, will I be able to plug the drives in to a real raid card later when I outgrow the capacity, or if I just get a newer motherboard when this one eventually fails?


      I'm happy with the ICH-9 RAID, it's not super fast but it doesn't need to be. It does need to be "portable" though.


      Can someone from Intel tell me what the real deal is with this?