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    Facing Serious Problem With Graphics Adapter


      I am Using Toshiba Satellite C50-B



      Intel(R) Celeron(R) N830 @2.16GHz 2.159Mhz, 2Core(S), 2Logical Processor(S)



      Windows 7 | Service Pack-1



      The problem With My Graphics Adapter.


      Its Name Probably ( Standard VGA Graphics Adapter)


      But I'm Not Able To Find Any Software For My Graphics Adapter.


      I Already Had Tried Some But Its Shows Me A Error Massage Telling "Your System Does Not Meet The Minimum Requirements"


      I ALready Contact With Toshiba But They Didn't Get me The Solution Cause They Don't Register My Products Cause Its Distributes In Asia. ( Bangladesh) 


      intel_admin please Give Me any perfect solution.


      *I am Attaching My System Information's Screen Shot's intel_adminCommunityAdminitpnadmin