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    Has anyone tried to use wimboot on DE3815TYBE?




      I recently purchased a DE3815TYBE. I would like to take advantage of the built in eMMC, but by using wimboot. I have been told that the file size for wimboot is just under 4 gb. My question is, has anyone tried this yet? And if so, how well did it work?


      Personally I have been fighting to even build a wimboot image ( I ain't no expert by any means).


      But I am curious if anyone else has tried, or if succeeded, possibly a little direction.




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          We do not have too much information about Winboot but I found this:



          You also will find a lot of important information here:



          Perhaps other users can share their experience with us.

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            So I have managed to make WIMBoot.wim and winre.wim images.


            The problem I'm running into now is trying to figure a way to make the eMMC work with efi. I think if I could figure this out I might have this working.


            I believe the eMMC can only use legacy boot.



            For more info on creating a WIMBoot image feel free to PM me and I can set you on the right track, but as for a quick explanation:


            Prereques - Windows 8.1 PRO for use of Hyper-V <-- will save you lots of time


            1. Download windows 8.1 installer and create an .iso through the installer.

            2. Use WinReducerWimConverter to extract the .esd and convert to wim.

            3. Download the windows 8.1 update1 msu files and update the wim file (and the recovery wim -- which is hidden). Install the Windows 8.1 Update for OEMs

            4. You'll also need to create a winPE iso, but it also needs to be updated in WinPE5.1. Update WinPE 5.0 to WinPE 5.1

            5. Boot up the updated image files in Hyper-V and mount the wim files to the virtual drive.

            6. Generalize and sysprep

            7. Using WinPE take a copy of the image again.

            8. This is optional, but I had to do it to get the size to a minimum. I removed all the pre installed windows applications and disabled the features that i would not require.

            9. Then you have to Boot up Hyper-V again, mount the image, run sysprep and generalize again.

            10. Take another copy of this new image.

            11. Next step is to remove the winre.wim out of the image and optimize the image for WIMBoot. Create WIMBoot Images

            12. Using Hyper-V again, mount the image, sysprep, generalize.

            13. Use WinPE to capture the image again, only this time capture it as a WIMBoot file.

            14. Now you should have two files in the end, a WIMBoot.wim and the companion winre.wim file.


            15. Then you have to deploy it to the NUC. This is the step at which I'm at. But I'm starting to doubt I will get it to work. Unless I figure out how to use the built in eMMC in efi mode. Deploy WIMBoot Images: If you know the size of the images upfront



            If i can get this to work, ill do up a full tutorial on how to create the wimboot image, how to deploy it, everything (I created a bunch of .bat files to help speed things up). I think it would be an amazing feature to be able to run Win 8.1 on this board without any other SSD's or HDD's.


            So if anyone has any ideas on how i can do a efi boot with the built in eMMC, LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!


            Thanks for listening to my rambles!

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              Hi Jesstr,


              I see that WINBoot supports eMMC (Windows HCK compliant) drives, I found that on Kevin's comments on a previous message. See the following URL for further information: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn594399.aspx

              Have you tried enabling OS selection to "Linux" in BIOS? This option automatically enables the eMMC device.





              The official answer is that eMMC storage device is not large enough for any Windows 8, 8.1, or 8 embedded installation but WINBoot should fit on that small storage.

              I also checked on the supported Operating System List (Intel® NUC — Supported Operating Systems) and Intel has not validated WINBoot. It doesn't mean that it wont work, it just means not tested.

              Please share your findings if you get it to work, it would great!








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                Hi rguevara,


                I have enabled the eMMC, and have gotten the wimboot to deploy to the eMMC. The problem I have now is, after applying the wimboot image, and rebooting, i usually get an error as it starts to initialize windows, usually says that windows can not finalize the installation on this hardware. I tried doing a MSoobe by pushing shift+F10 (opening a cmd), and was able to get it to the part where i could create a user, and log in. But then after a restart I could no long long into that user. After a second attempt to apply the image, I cant even get it to initialize windows. I have a feeling that there is just not enough disk space on the eMMC. I even stripped all the windows apps and features out of the wimboot image, just to make it small enough. Currently I have my image files that take up 3450mb and the actual windows partition is ~156mb. When I tried to apply the wimboot image to a VM using hyper-v it worked flawlessly, but I had a little more disk space. I'm going to try and see if I can make the image any smaller and see if i can get it to boot.


                Also, the one time that I did get to windows desktop, it seemed to be very sluggish and glitchy. Again I think this may be do to minimal disk space.If anyone know the actuall read/write speeds of the eMMC I would be happy to know.


                Another issue I had ran into was creating images from applied images. I found that you can do it about two maybe three times before the applied image will not boot at all.