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    Intel 530 SSD - Not recognized




      I purchased NUC NUC5i3RYH.

      The existing connection on the board is M. 2 SSD card connection. I'm trying to connect my Intel 530 SSD mSata using this convertor:

      Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is mSATA SSD converted to B key M.2 NGFF adapter

      But unfortunately the SSD not recognized in the BIOS.


      Any thoughts? Is it possible?



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          Hello Dubi,


          We do not recommend the use of 3rd party mSATA to M.2 adapters, since we cannot guarantee the NUC and SSD will work properly with this configuration.


          Please let us know if the SSD was working before. If possible, test the drive in a different computer with an mSATA connector.


          Does the NUC have an OS installed already? if so, does the operating system show the SSD?

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            I agree with your remark about the adapters.

            But I purchased this drive especially for the NUC and I made a mistake, this is the solution I found to correct it.


            The SSD is completely new purchased directly from Intel, no reason to suspet that the SSD not working.


            Yes, there is Win 8.1 installed on regular HDD connected to the second sata connection. The OS doesn't show the SSD.


            Thanks for your help, I appreciate it very much.

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              With the information you provided, the possible culprit would be the mSATA to M.2 adapter. It does not appear to be working well in this integration.


              As you mentioned, if the SSD is new, there is no reason to believe that the mSATA drive is faulty. It would take supported hardware and further testing to confirm a hardware failure of the device.


              We advise you to contact the place of purchase, and check if they can provide other options to resolve this situation.