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    Can't connect to Galileo gen 2 through Putty


      I'm completely new to the Galileo and having trouble trying to set it up. I've been following this guide to start:


      Getting Started with the Intel® Galileo Board on Windows* | Intel® Developer Zone


      In the Device Manager the device initially appeared in the 'Other devices' category but after installing the drivers by manually selecting a local directory it is now under 'Ports (COM & LPT)' as 'Galileo (COM3)'.


      I have downloaded and executed Putty with the provided settings

      Serial, Serial line COM3, Speed 115200, Data bits 8, Stop bits 1. Parity None and Flow Control XON/XOFF.


      When I hit 'Open' I get the black screen with the green block but nothing happens after hitting 'Enter' twice (or any other combination from what I can tell). I don't get the opportunity to login with root.


      If I select COM3 from the Device Manager and check the properties in 'Port Settings' it doesn't match to what I'm putting in Putty. The difference is Bits per second is 9600, and Flow Control is None. I have changed these to match the ones in putty and vice versa but haven't gotten any further. I've done my fair share of Googling and haven't found an answer.



      Any ideas to what I'm doing wrong?