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    What is the maximum RPM of the E7300 stock fan?


      I have an Asus P5QL-SE Motherboard which allows Q-Fan i.e. control of the fan speed using Asus Probe II. However I can't get the right readings (75000-90000???) but I am asking Asus about that so in the meantime I am asking this question. When the Q-Fan is off, it is at around 3000 and doesn't really budge...


      I have used other programs such as Speedfan but the same readings...at 100% speed...it's still 3000 rpm. Surely that isn't right? At any other % it shows like 60000...at 0% the fan is still running (I looked inside). So that is why it might be a fan problem than a software (Probe or Speedfan) problem...or mobo problem? I'll ask Asus about that too.


      So I just want to know the maximum rpm possible...out of curiosity? Well I am troubleshooting why I get BSOD when I play intensive games and I am getting every information possible and this seems relevant because it might be a temperature problem