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    RAID0 on Intel chipset not seen correctly, So I can't install windows 7 ...


      I have a RAID0 with 2 partitions on it and I wish I could install it on my first partition of this RAID0.
      I'm currently using Windows Vista with the same computer but installed on another disc and the RAID0 is working correctly.

      My error is the following : When I have to choose which HDD I should install windows in, i can see my raid cut in 3 part instead of the 2 partition.
      I see my 1st partition, and 2 bigs partition (one is a full disc, the other is the end of the 1st partition disc).
      I first tried installing Win 7 on the first partition of the first disc, but it's not installing as raid but only the 1st disc of the raid, and of course I can't see data on the whole raid.

      My idea was to load Intel's driver at selection screen during install to see if my raid0 can be seen correctly before the install. But it is not working, I still can't see my raid correctly.

      And idea to help me ? Thanks.