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    Flickering black with double monitor extended desktop.


      Hi, i've a problem with flickering black with double monitor extended desktop on the external one. It comes when i set up 1920x1080 on the first monitor and 1920x1200 on the second monitor. My configuration: Notebook Deviltech Hellfire (MSI GE70 barebone), Intel 3610QM Geforce GT650M with 2GB of ddr5 ram, 16 GB (2x8) dual channel ram at 1600Mhz, Samsung 830 256GB, external monitor dell u2412m, OS windows 8.1 updated. All drivers are updated. Some other information: the external monitor is connected with vga cable. with the same vga cable i tried with my netbook and no problem. If i set 1920x1080 on the second monitor there is no problem and there is no problem also if i duplicate the desktop or I use only the external monitor. I uninstalled and reinstalled all graphic card drivers (hd 4000 and gt650m) without any changes.



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