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    Boot fails with external HDD attached, D54250


      If I have an external USB HDD attached then the NUC fails to boot. The 'NUC' splash screen appears but nothing else for 15 seconds, then the computer reboots; after 3 attempts the boot failure screen appears. Detaching the external HDD fixes the problem, I can then re-attach it immediately after boot starts without a problem too.


      I have WIN7 x64 installed and legacy boot on. There are no options in the bios to selectively disable legacy boot devices. Selecting boot devices can only be done for non-legacy eufi mode. This seems like a major oversight to me, in the last 30 years I have never seen a machine which did not have the option to select which boot devices to use. Please can someone else with the older bios (I have the latest installed) verify that the legacy boot & disable USB boot is not an option too?


      Finally, is there some other reason why the attached drive would prevent a successful boot? The external disk is a Buffalo HD-LBU2 and it has never been used as a bootable disk.