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    Help with Installing Windows 7


      Hi all


      I've just bought a new Intel NUC D34010WYKH kit and I'm having major problems installing Windows 7.  I have a genuine boxed retail copy of Home Premium and downloaded the ISO file for it direct from Microsoft.  I created a bootable USB Drive using Bootcamp on my Mac.  I upgraded the BIOS on the NUC before doing anything else.  The HDD I'm using is a 120gb SSD which I got from a friend, this still has Windows 8 on it and I can boot the NUC directly into Widows 8 fine.  I checked the installation instructions here on the Intel website and the options it shows just aren't there on my BIOS.


      According to the instructions on : Intel® NUC — Operating System Installation


      For Windows 7 I need to select it on the Boot Configuration Menu but I don't have a Windows 7 tick box:



      When I try to install from the USB drive I simply get a black screen, nothing else.  I've left it for about 5 minutes and nothing happened.  I've also got an external DVD drive so I plugged that in and tried from the Windows 7 DVD.  I got further with this method but when I get to the language selection screen the wired keyboard and mouse just completely stop working.


      Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated as I'm tearing what little is left of my hair out here.


      Thanks in advance, Ric.