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    RAID recovery?  Hopefully easy answer to problem


      I have a DP35DP motherboard with on-board RAID - ICH9R.  One of the drives failed and, following Intel’s instructions, can’t seem to recovery my data.  This should be easy and I must be missing something.



      RAID is V7.6 (BIOS level 0407) configured like this:



      Port  Size    Type

        0  298.1GB  Member(0,1)

        1  298.1GB  Member(0,1)

        2  465.8GB  Member(2)

        3  465.8GB  Member(2)




      RaidID  Volume  Level            Strip   Size

        0      Vol0    R0 - Striping   128KB  100.0GB  Normal

        1      Vol1    R1 - Mirror      n/a   248.1GB  Rebuild

        2      Vol2    R1 - Mirror      n/a   465.8GB  Normal




      The drive on port 0 failed.  (The system still sees it but it fails diagnostics.)




      Odd thing: Raid Vol0 shows normal status




      Good News: Vol2 is not affected and all data is OK




      Problem: I can’t get the data from Vol1 and can’t boot the operating system (Windows Vista - 64bit) to perform the rebuild.  When I replace the drive on port 0, the status for Vol1 changes to Failed.




      What I tried: Booting from the DVD to access the data.  This is how I recovered Vol2 data and some Vol1 data, but the system hangs.  When this didn’t work, I updated by BIOS to 0527 to get the latest RAID ROM version.  No improvement.




      Big Question: How can I recover from this?  I thought I was well protected with RAID level 1, and very much want to retrieve my data.  Can you offer any suggestion?


      I expected to lose Vol0 because of this (just the operating system and work files), but didn't expect to lose Vol1 too.  For future reference, did I configure the RAID setup poorly?