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    Help! Can't Type Anything as Password in Putty (with Yocto, Intel Edison Board for Arduino)




      I've flashed the latest Yocto image (122M), logged in as root, and proceeded 'configure_edison --setup', set a name and password for my Edison.


      I exited the session and reopened it in Putty, again, logged in as root, then, I just can't type any number or character when asked the password!




      I've read this post Password Problem , seems to be a similar problem, but the one bugging me is more severe...


      I've reflashed many times the latest image in this way Recovering Intel Edison If Password Is Unknown , but got stuck every time typing password as long as I've set one (so, now, I should only set empty password to get by... but without a password, I can't use SSH, AP Mode, and many others...)


      I'm wondering if something goes wrong with the Yocto image or the firmware...?


      Has anybody got the same problem?


      Please help.





      My OS: win7-64bit