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    Intel DX58SO2 Replacement?


      GDay Everyone.


      I have an Intel DX58SO2 with an i7 990x cpu.


      I am fairly sure that the motherboard has died. I have tried replacing every single component, and have isolated the motherboard itself or the CPU as the possible suspects.


      So I went looking for a LGA 1366 motherboard to replace this, but find it extremely hard to source a replacement, like from anywhere? I have looked long and hard, on NewEgg and from some local online stores here in Australia but cant find anything I can buy so that I can continue to use my cpu, ram, video, case, psu, etc etc etc?


      Am I just plain stupid or ignorant and just am not looking hard enough, or should I give up on the idea of ever using my i7 990x cpu ever again?


      I was really happy with the standard performance of the cpu and never tried overclocking, so will be fairly dissappointed if I cant easily source a LGA1366 type motherboard that can support the i7 990x. Seems such a waste as the cpu is awesome.





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