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    Ubilinux and BlueZ5.24, bluetoothctl freezing on Galileo/Edison?


      Hi All,


      I have been lurking here for a few weeks and trying different ways of setting up my Galileo ( I also have recently got an Edison)

      After running Yocto on both I decided to give Ubilinux a try on both.

      My project I'm trying to implement requires bluetooth communication between Edison and Galileo and I have had varying success trying to pair and connect them

      I have followed various users advice on enabling bluetooth and hciconfig

      especially this post from Daniele_Cleri Re: ubilinux (Debian) now available from Emutex Labs

      However one thing I could not get to work was bluetoothctl , it seems to freeze and there is no way to type into the command line

      Both these terminals are stuck unless I CTRL-Z to kill the process



      Has anyone had success with Ubilinux and BlueZ5.24 ?


      I have a question about Ubilinux and systemd also as from various searches it seems the preferred way to run bluetoothctl is the following

      Is in necessary to install systemd to get bluetoothctl working?


      root@ubiGalileo:~# systemctl start bluetoothctl

      Failed to issue method call: Unit name bluetoothctl is not valid.

      Any advice?