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    systemd VS cronie to start shell script on boot


      My goal is to start a nodeJS server on boot of my edison.


      After reading this


      Re: Startup scripts on Edison


      my understanding is there are at least 2 ways to run a script when the edison boots.


      using cronie



      using systemd



      Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each approach?

      Since I am already planning to use cronie to reboot the edison, it makes sense to add the command


      to run my shell script as well

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          • cronie (like all cron daemons): for periodic scheduled tasks according to crontab
            • no dependency checking - just "run this and that at scheduled times"
          • systemd service:
            • startup scripts within a dependency chain (service xyz depends on service a and service b ...)
            • well, yes, you could also do periodic tasks within systemd like daily backups ... - but I'd say cron is better suited for that

          My 2 cents