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    How to improve performance of single-threaded application


      HI Guys,


      I have an application which is an old 32-bit app, it's called MT4 (or MetaTrader 4).  As part of the functionality, you run back testing on the stock/currency markets.  On my brother's i7 3.0ghz laptop, these tests take around 24 hours.


      I have built a nice new i7 3.6ghz system but the software is telling me it will take around 50 hours to complete.  I know this is a very old app, but i thought that getting a better CPU, with a better core speed, would make it run better than my brothers PC.


      Please can you guys help me to speed up and tweak the CPU to make my app faster?  I know it doesn't utilise the other cores, so I thought about turning off hyper threading, do you think this would help?  Is there anything else I can do to improve the performance of this old app?


      Thanks in advance.