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    RMM 3 command line status check


      I've got a few devices that have RMM loaded.  I know it's an intel rmm and pretty sure it's RMM3.


      What I don't know is what is the IP of the device and how to get it from just the command line.


      I can get RMM3 to work on a few devices because I know the RMM IP.  I was given the RMM IP to the other boxes but when I try it either times our or gives me an error or sends me to some default page.


      I have CLI access to all the devices and have tried using the mmconfig (all linux) and it's not working.  I thought I noticed another command but wasn't able to try it due to a forced reboot on my windows box but can't remember where I saw it.


      I think the CLI instances (linux) are barebones so after the RMM3 was installed all access to the commands may have been removed.  I tried looking for them in the /usr/local/somewhere/somewhere folder and didn't find it.  I haven't attempted to actually find the file.


      I would like to know if there is a way to use basic linux commands without having to download anything and list the RMM status of each device at least the IP.


      Any assistance would be helpful.



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          IPMItool lan print 1

          ipmitool lan print 3

          ipmitool user list 1

          ipmitool user list 3


          first 2 will tell you if the BMC \ RMM is configured for access and the IPs

          2nd 2 will tell you if any users accounts are enabled for access.


          1 is the shared base board NIC and 3 is the dedicated RMM nic

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            Doc silver;


            Thanks, however I learned that the firewall may have been blocking me.  Since then I've asked that they allow the RMM IP through.  In one case they have.


            I logged on to the device using putty and got the SMASH CLP prompt. I am going through the Intel_rmm_userguide_r1_4.pdf for what to do and it's not very helpful.  I've typed sow help and it basically tells me to read the document I cited.


            I tried the commands from an ssh putty session, you suggested and I get "No such file or directory".


            Where do I run these commands?

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              Those command would run on the local OS (assuming your Linux version has IPMItool installed.)


              If you are reaching the RMM now it has a web based interface you can access by just opening a web browser to the IP address of the RMM.  (HTTP:\\


              IPMItool can also be installed on your local system and run over the network using the command syntax:

              ipmitool -H10.10.10.1 -Uuserid -Ppassword lan print 1


              However since the above command are to tell you the IP,  & if any userids are enabled, it does not do a lot of good since you can't use the commands unless you already know the BMC user name and password and IP.


              You can get ipmitool here IPMItool - Browse Files at SourceForge.net if it is not on your linux box.

              It includes instruction to compile from windows or you do a sheach for ipmitool.exe, SUN use to post a windows version pre-compliled.


              IPMIutil is a sister utility for windows and is here ipmiutil - IPMI Management Utilities

              I have not used it as much so not sure of all the syntax.