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    NUC5i5RYH Idle Temperature Too High?


      Hey i have bought a new NUC5i5RYH (Serial number: H41219-102) yesterday and i have equipped it with:


      -Kingston HyperX SO-DIMM 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit

      -Samsung SSD MZ-75E250B 250 GB

      I didn't get an M2 because they were a little to expensive.

      What troubles me is the idle temperature and possibly the load temp. If i have nothing running the core temps are around ~45-50C. For me it seems too high.

      When i tried Prime95 for 10 minutes it went up to a maximum of 86C which again it seems too high. If i open Chrome and run a youtube video the temperature is at around 60C for just playing a video.


      I didn't change any settings in the BIOS and i have the latest version of BIOS.

      I have attached 3 pictures with the temperatures in idle, playing youtube and prime 95. In the prime95 check the maximum temp and you will see 87C.

      Also i have attached 2 more pictures, one with the temps from BIOS and one where you can see that the NUC has enough room to "breath"

      Should i worry?

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          I have NUC5i3RYH, openELEC + Plex only intalled.


          Now playing a 576p content:


          Mem: 904364K used, 2960288K free, 0K shrd, 1K buff, 19911744K cached

          CPU:  2.5% usr  0.0% sys  0.0% nic 95.0% idle  2.5% io  0.0% irq  0.0% sirq

          Load average: 0.40 0.37 0.34 2/164 1531


          OpenELEC:~ # cputemp

          40 C


          Yours seems a bit high.

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            And when you don't play any content it goes under 40C? Now mine with 2 tabs open is going between 43-48 C

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              Stopped and now:

              OpenELEC:~ # cputemp

              36 C

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                That's more like it. I only see below 40C when turn it on for a couple of minutes. Now for example i have around 7 Chrome tabs opened and i am downloading a game on Steam and the temp is between 60-63C .... i don't know what to do

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                  Now idling at 35C...


                  Just a question, when you hit 86°C do you hear loud the fan?

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                    Yes I could hear it pushing more and when the prime95 stopped i heard how the fan reduced its speed.

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                      As a quick update i did some more "tests" and i can also reach 36-37C when i let it idle. I let it in idle for close to 1 hour and i checked on it and every now and then it was at around 38C but then when i came back while being idle it was at around 51C.


                      The thing is i have another NUC Celeron dn2820fykh and that one also stays at around 40C. The new one the moment i open Chrome or IE it jumps directly from 40 to 52-60.

                      Last night i installed Civilization Beyond Earth and while it was really playable the temp was constantly at 75C.


                      Should i worry about it for me if i want to play 1-2 hours for it to stay at 75-80C it does not seem right but then again i do not know what are the normal temps.



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                        Please refer to page 51 of the document below for the maximum operating temperature of this Intel® NUC. Note that this is not the processor’s temperature.


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                          Thanks for one of the "automated" replies i got in a long while. It's been some good years now when i was contacting support and they were replying with the standard talk.... so i guess i need to find my help/advice somewhere else and not on the official intel forums. TY

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                            Hello Ceois,


                            I see that you are running latest BIOS. Version: 0137 (Latest) …just confirming latest version.

                            I would check on a couple of items in BIOS, first: CPU Core Temp and see if temperature in BIOS is too high, without the Operating System running temperature should be low and second: also in BIOS it would be good to check on “Fan Control Mode”.

                            On “Fan Control Mode” the system should show you:

                            • - Fixed
                            • - Custom
                            • - Cool
                            • - Balanced
                            • - Quiet

                            If your system is running on high temperature I would recommend a “Cool” profile.

                            And finally, it would be good to check on the NUC location for proper ventilation, I have checked on systems running high temperatures because they were located behind large flat monitors.


                            I hope this helps and please share your findings.

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                              Hey rguevara,


                              Thanks for your reply. My CPU Core Temp in BIOS is at around 53C. I changed it to "Cool" but it still has the same temp. As you can check in the first post in the first picture, the NUC sits in front of my two monitors so they do not block it in any way. Plus the distance to the wall is around ~40cm so that should be plenty.


                              In idle in BIOS 53C in my opinion is too high. I am not a specialist and i know that everything is crammed in a small box but still it seems a little high.


                              Should i send it back and get another one? Or do you also have one? How is the temp on yours.


                              Thank you

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                                I don’t have an unit to test right away (I have to build one) but I am going to ask someone else to run a quick test for me and I will get back to you, please allow me a couple of days and I will get back to you with results we can compare.



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                                  Thank you! I appreciate it!

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                                    Hi Ceios,

                                    We were not able to get the exact same system for issue duplication but we did some testing with an equivalent system, see configuration below:


                                    - Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE

                                    - Latest BIOS version installed 0018 1/28/2015

                                    - Intel® Core™ i5-5300U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.90 GHz)

                                    - Processor TJUNCTION 105°C

                                    - Operating System Microsoft* Windows* 8.1, 64 BIT

                                    - Memory Kingston HX318LS10IBK2/8

                                    - Intel SSD 320 Series 160GB Model SSDSA2CW160G3 2.5”/ FW: 0362/

                                    - Intel SSD Model SSDSA2M040G2GC 2.5”/ FW: 02HD


                                    See msinfo for further details:


                                    See Visual Bios running under "Fan Control Mode -Cool-"


                                    Running (Prime95) to find Mersenne Prime numbers and applying "Torture" test see below:


                                    Running Hardware Monitor (third party application) see temperature results:


                                    Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) results (pass) see below:



                                    BIOS information shows: temperature of 53°C which is normal.

                                    During the Prime95 torture test, the maximum temperature was 91.0°C.

                                    Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) pass result.


                                    Based on this result, I believe your system is running within the expected temperature limits. As you mentioned before this is a small and very dense box.

                                    Let me know if you need more details or further investigation, I hope this helps.



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