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    Error with IoT Kit


      Hi guys. Right off the bat I am rather inexperienced with this stuff. This is my first time working with this stuff. So basically I have a PiR Sensor and I'm trying to get those values to the Analytics Dashboard. It works for about an hour and then it stops transmitting. When I try to send an observation it gives me this...



      root@edison:~# iotkit-admin observation pirState 1

      2015-02-28T20:22:48.389Z - info: Submitting:  n=pirState, v=1




              throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event


      Error: ENOSPC, write


      I have tried to: reset the Edison, reactivate the Iot Kit, reinitialize it, and I have tried registering the component again. None of these seemed to do anything. I would love some input.

      P.S. attached is my Arduino code. Oh, and I do believe I am running the latest firmware.