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    Chip Select


      I've been trying to figure out the hardware set up for the lpd8806 to the Edison Mini Breakout for what seems like foreverrrrr.


      What I have so far is a logic level converter that works for 1.8v --> 5v for the strip. I am using Eclipse to program and looking to start with this example code. The LPD8806() function parameters are LPD8806 (pixelCount, chip select pin). There is no CS pin on the LPD8806 strip, only 5v, GND, DI, and CI.

      I was planning on hooking it up like so , with the llc between. I've read that a transistor can be used on the clock line when there is no CS pin present on the peripheral.


      Has anyone used a transistor in this way successfully and have a schematic I can peep? If anyone can demystify the hardware hookup for this strip to the Edison Mini Breakout, I would be eternally grateful.



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          You might want to take a look at the Arduino code that Adafruit supplies as the protocol to communicate with those LEDs is SPI-like and not SPI. It looks like they do away with the CS pin altogether and just assume that it is the only device on the bus. I could be wrong as I only took a cursory glance, so again I suggest looking at their code.

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            Thanks for the reply. It does look like they do that. Hmmm. I would still like to understand how to use the example code with the mini breakout. I will be working with it again today and hopefully make some progress.