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    AReset button doesn't work


      Hi to all! I have both Galileo gen1 and gen2 with 1.0.4 firmware onboard and SD card with last yocto 1.0.4 package.


      I have noticed that on both boards the reset button does not work, only reboot button acts when pushed.

      The same sketch in previous 1.0.0  Linux image worked good and the reset button worked too.


      Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


      Thank you.

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          Hi motodaddo,


          I've just tested both buttons on my Gen2 and they work as they should. I'm using the current Yocto SD image and the 1.0.4 firmware version.


          The reset button should only reset the current sketch running in the board and the reboot button should reboot the Yocto image.