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    Problem with graphics


      Hello, I have a problem with my minecraft graphics. After updating graphics driver, Minecraft graphics got buggy (graphics are flashing, when I look far). I recorded it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb5B4zC-438 . I have Dell PC with intel core I-3, intel HD graphics 4000 and windows 8.1 . How to fix it ???

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          I appreciate you input, however there is some information I would need in order to help you. Could you please provide details of the issue as follows:


          1. System information, CPU, memory, chipset if known, make and model of system

          2. Display configuration

          3. Operating system version

          4. Java version

          5. Steps to reproduce the issue

          6. Intel HD Graphics driver version that fails

          7. Intel HD Graphics driver version that works

          8. Minecraft build/version number

          9. How long ago did you start getting this issue?

          10. Have you tried another graphics driver version? 



          Also, please run DXDiag and save the report and attach it to this thread.


          While the issue is under investigation you can roll back to the previous graphics driver version allowing you to play the game without issues. Open Device Manager and click Display Adapters, click the Drivers tab, and click the Roll Back Driver button.



          Silvia L

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            1.Windows 8.1; intel I-3 (3120M, 2.50 GHz); (Dell inspiron 5520)

            2.1366x768 (refresh rate is 60p Hz)

            3.Windows 8.1

            4.Java 64-bit

            5.I don't know.


            7. Sorry, I don't remember.

            8. 1.7.10 (but now this glitch is on every version)

            9.I guess, a month ago.

            10.I upgraded it (3 times), and that glitch didn't fix...


            I runned DxDiag, there were no problems.

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              Zygis52, could you please attach the DX Diag report from your system? (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).



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                Thanks for the information Zygis52. I'm forwarding all your data to the engineers.