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    NUC5i3RYH why not DDR3 1866???


      I have to say I'm very disappointed about NUC5i3RYH does not support 1866 DDR3 RAM.

      This is Broadwell we are talking about.

      I can understand different command sets and number of cores between i3 and i5, which really makes performance differences, but seriously, ram speed????

      Intel didn't do this when Ivy bridge came out. i3/5/7 series model started supporting 1600.

      Why on the earth did Intel decide not to add 1866 DDR3 support for i3-5010u?????


      Many review sites tell about how awesome the mighty Broadwell supports 1866 DDR3. Not many web sites actually mention i3 isn't one of those.

      The link below is classic example. The reviewer says NUC5i3RYH supports 1866 DDR3, which isn't true

      A First Look At The Intel Broadwell NUC Kit (NUC5i3RYH) - Phoronix


      I have to ask. Do you actually use different DDR memory controller for i3???