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    Is this true - Q9400 is at end of life?


      Hi, I am planning to upgrade and have meant to select the Q9400 processor unit, however I was being informed by the vendot that Q9400 is actually coming to it end of life and had insted offer Q8200. I am aware of the difference both in performance and price but just like a confirmation from anyone who may help me to clairify this matter.




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          Hello Charlie,


          I have searched for more information on this.


          Unfortunately, i cannot see where it says whether the cpu is going to be discontinued or to be EOL.


          Even on the public website, it does not mention anything about discontinuance or retirement.



          Possibly may be your vendor gets this information from a different source.


          I remembered last time there was someone saying that the board DX48BT2 was going to be discontinued, i searched everywhere and could find anything.


          The week after, i got an update that they are discontinued products now.


          Some higher source of information may be availlable to them. :-)


          All the best,