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    Intel 530 SSD Sector Size


      Do the Intel 530 series SSD drives use "512 native" format (or 512n), with 512 bytes per sector, or do they use "Advanced Format" (aka 512e), with 4096 bytes per sector?  I'm asking since I have an database that needs a 512n drive and I want to buy this SSD.

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          Hello uflrob,


          The Intel® SSD 530 Series have 512 Bytes per sector.

          This information can be calculated based on the values from the Intel® SSD 530 Series (2.5 inch) Product Specification.


          In page 8, it has the Unformatted Capacity expressed in "Total User Addressable Sectors in LBA mode".


          For example:


          For the 80 GB drive, the amount of Total User Addressable Sectors is: 156,301,488

          Since each sector = 512 Bytes.


          156,301,488 (sectors) x 512 (bytes per sector) = 80026361856 bytes, which is equivalent to 80 GB


          I hope this information helps you.