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    Onboard Graphics not working DG45ID


      I just purchased the Intel DG45ID mobo. I'm experiencing many problems but mainly, I cannot get my monitor to work with the onboard DVI-I connection. I am trying with a VGA adapter...is that my problem? When I plug in a graphics card into the ONLY PCI slot, I get video.

      If I cannot make this work with the monitor I have, I am too through.

      Thanks in advance for any advice

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          try these, it might help.

          First, download the latest driver from the intel website, and install it.

          If the monitor still does not work, then go to your BIOS, then go to video configuration and change the graphics mode to auto or your choice i.e. the internal graphics. By that way , u can command the motherboard to use the internal graphics. Sometimes in the video configuration tab, the video card is set to external PCI or PCIE cards. So, then the internal graphics do not work.